In year 2015 I have been on the planet for 2015 weeks.

A blog facelift to celebrate my 2015 weeks on planet earth in the year 2015. As I plan to live to be 90 years old, I have a whopping 2665 weeks left to fulfill more of my dreams and learn many new things. Lovely!

The first facelift of my blog was exactly 5 years and 2 days ago when the blog was exactly 10 months old with 45 posts, 3000 hits and 5 email subscribers. Todays numbers are: 70 months, 82 posts, 43095 hits and X email subscribers.

This is how my blog looked like for the past 60 months…

Elmoensio's Blog v2

Elmoensio’s Blog v2

…and the first 10 months.

Elmoensio's Blog v1

Elmoensio’s Blog v1

While it was elegant in a way, I like the current minimalist theme more. Or mnmlst as the theme author named it.

I do continue being a happy Dreamhost customer and if you need web hosting, you might want to use “ELMOENSIO27” discount code for $27 discount in 1-year and 2-year subscriptions.

posted: 15 December 14
under: Tech