Elementary OS Freya multimedia and battery life

In an attempt to see if this pretty Linux distribution is worth its fame. Last time I had intensive Linux use was in 2003 with Red Hat Linux 9 and since that I was using Windows little bit and since 2009 OS X exclusively; from Snow Leopard to Mavericks. This post is documenting my trials if Freya can do my daily simple tasks. I don’t care about desktop customisation, repositories, and other nerdy stuff. I just want an OS that works and gives user the freedom.

Fresh install with some updates and additional software on Lenovo x220 laptop. Can Freya handle multimedia sync to iPad and iPod?


I tried to copy a video file onto my iPad 4 mini. The tablet mounted on Elementary and I copied files on the Downloads folder visible. Sadly both VLC and PlayerExtreme were unable to see the new file. Also FileExplorer app could not see it. FAIL.


My 7th generation iPod nano was mounted and I navigated to the music folder and copied all cryptically named files onto my Elementary Music folder, opened the Music application and imported. There was one file in folder F22 that crashed the import and it took me some time to narrow down to the culprit (WPUY.mp3, I hate you!). Soon I had 16GB of music in my music library, all .mp3 files tagged as well as they were, all .m4a files totally cleaned of tags. I had some duplicates in the library due to re-importing the F22 subfolder again and again in my hunt for the rogue file crashing my app. Naturally my playlists were with Bill Murray in Tokyo (i.e. lost in translation). Both the native Music app and Banshee didn’t recognise iPod so I can’t synchronise back to it. Yet. There must be a way! Either way, I consider this a problem for Elementary OS and hence FAIL.

Banshee could add the rogue .mp3 file in the library but crashed when played. Rogue is now stored securely for future analysis that I will probably never do.

Battery life

Battery did not last very long but it lasted nearly 30min longer than on Windows 10.
Anyways, it took exactly 2 hrs to go down from 100% to 8% in browser+email use, nothing intense. This was with TLP power management installed and started. I let the battery die and it went to hibernation. I plugged in the laptop and did something else for a while before restarting it, power cable still plugged. Elementary booted alright and I unplugged the cable after reaching 100% again. The battery indicator was stuck showing 100% for quite a while. Actually until I started wondering about it I plugged the cable and started TLP and then it showed 20%. So either the TLP was not started and is needed to show the battery life correctly or there is some other bug. Not too serious though. At least now that I know of it. PASS.

posted: 15 November 24
under: elementaryos