Elementary OS Freya 0.3.1 in action

In an attempt to see if this pretty Linux distribution is worth its fame, I will do some testing. Last time I had intensive Linux use was in 2003 with Red Hat Linux 9 and since that I was using Windows little bit and since 2009 OS X exclusively; from Snow Leopard to Mavericks. This post is documenting my trials if Freya can do my daily simple tasks. I don’t care about desktop customisation, repositories, and other nerdy stuff. I just want an OS that works and gives user the freedom.

Day 1

Fresh install with some updates and additional software on Lenovo x220 laptop. Can Freya handle some simple tasks?

  • Open browser and check Gmail. Pass.
  • Configure two Gmail accounts on provided local client and check Gmail. Pass.
  • Open Facebook in browser and watch funny kitten video. Pass.
  • Take a printscreen. Pass.
  • Open printscreen in photo application in full screen. Fail. (only slideshow mode in full screen)
  • Quick launch application. Pass. (win+space)
  • Quick change keyboard layout from English to Finnish. Pass. (left alt+space, after manually configuring it)
  • Play mp3 file locally in music application. Pass.
  • Transfer mp3 file into Android phone using USB cable. Fail.
  • Transfer mp3 file into Android phone using Bluetooth. Pass. (On second attempt)
  • Play music in Spotify. Questionable. (needed apt-get install in terminal, but playing is ok)
  • Change song in Spotify using fn+arrows. Pass.
  • Log on to internet bank and pay a bill. Pass. (non-Java based authentication)
  • Watch a locally downloaded video. Pass.

With a score 11.5/14 this is the most girlfriend friendly alternative OS there is. Next time some more challenging tasks. What would you like to be tested?

posted: 15 November 15
under: elementaryos