Gingerbread 9000 character limit

Android is cutting my notes down to 9000 characters.

This is totally unacceptable!

Thanks to Simplenote Web UI, I can easily check the detailed information of my test note to easily see that the server copy has 3557 words, 27853 characters. After I sync it to Android, it is all readable in full-length until I edit and save. I sync the note back to the server and check the note information. That’s when I see it is being cut down to 9000 exactly characters.

Also are alternative note-taking apps Notational Acceleration, Jadenote, Andronote and mNote are cutting down the notes to 9000 characters.

After checking with both Samsung Galaxy S i9000 and HTC Explorer, we can see that Android 2.3.5 really has such critical bug. This has been reported on the xda developers and stackoverflow forums as well.

Hopefully this bug will be fixed asap, so that people take note taking apps and Android seriously again.

Flashing a custom ROM solved this – for now

It looks like I have found a fix for this issue. I flashed CyanogenMod-7.1.0-GalaxyS custom ROM (based on 2.3.7) on my phone. After couple of test syncs and edits both on the phone (Flick Note & Notational Acceleration), it seems to work fine i.e. notes are no longer cut. I shall keep an eye on this issue.

posted: 12 March 11
under: Tech