Mission impossible – Samsung Galaxy S Gingerbread update on Macbook Pro

First attempt – Heimdall on Snow Leopard

First, I’ve downloaded XXJVT 2.3.5 stock Gingerbread ROM for Heimdall (248MB file XXJVT_Heimdall.tar.gz). Of course Heimdall software on Snow Leopard does not detect my phone, which was properly plugged in with USB and put to download mode.

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How to boot Samsung Galaxy S into download mode

*Power off

*Hold VOLUME DOWN, POWER, HOME key until logo pops up, then let go

The cause for not detecting the phone on Macbook is explained here:

“As miohtama’s log notes, this isn’t a problem with Heimdall. The issue is with faulty secondary bootloaders distributed by Samsung. These bad bootloaders don’t adhere to the USB specification and hence OS X is unable to communicate with them. In order to solve this issue you need to upgrade your bootloaders to newer bootloaders that Samsung have fixed using Windows or Linux.”

Second attempt – Heimdall on Windows 7

This time I boot my Macbook into Windows 7, which I had installed through bootloader long time before. Windows version of Heimdall software detects my phone, but then flashing attempt gives “libusb error -12“. Little googling gives information how to proceed. So I open the Heimdall installation packet, navigate to utilities/zadig and install “Samsung USB Composite Device” drivers.

After rebooting the computer back to Windows, and having my Samsung in download mode, Heimdall detects the phone and flashing is successful. And oh yes, XXJVT Gingerbread much faster than XXJM1 Eclair.

So to conclude my nerdy adventure, I did manage to go from rooted 2.1-update1 Eclair firmware to unrooted 2.3.5 Gingerbread, but to my disappointment I had to use Windows, although it was installed on Macbook Pro.

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posted: 11 December 18
under: Tech