The Bushman Philosophy

The Bushmen are hunter-gatherers living in the harshest environment imaginable in the Kalahari desert and wilderness all across Namibia, Botswana and South Africa. The Bushmen men carry the oldest Y-chromosome haplogroups on earth, thus Bushmen represent one of the oldest existing populations, shown by National Geographics research.
Namib desert
The main thing characterizing Bushmen life is survival. Constant search for food and water drives their society to prioritize important values. Children have no social duties besides playing. Leisure is very important to Bushmen, who value time spent in conversation, joking, music and dancing. There bushman tribe chief has limited power and important decisions are made among the tribe men and women equally by consensus.

Sometimes tough decisions has to be made when the weak can no longer continue the search for food and water. Weak are left behind, but never killed. There might be water and food found behind the next dune. When something bad happens like someone had to be left behind, Bushman turns his back to the event and walks away, never looking back. Time heals the sorrow in his heart and his mind cherishes the happy memories while the moon is looking down on him every night.

When we westerners are ‘suffering’ of boredom and other first world problems, the Bushmen continue being happy despite their tough conditions.

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posted: 11 August 22
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