The Year of the Rabbit – Part 5/6

Part 5. Learning To Live

“Limits can be found only by crossing boundaries and failing”

This July, I was camping in Gobi desert in Mongolia. I was returning back to my ger in the middle of the night after a quick visit to the toilet. My flashlight was low on battery so I had to walk in starlight in order to save some energy for the actual toilet visit so not to fall in it. My ass was sore from riding a camel without a saddle. My throat was sore because of the cold I had catched. I had not eaten solid food for two days. Earlier that day, I had conflicted with my travelling companion and resolved the conflict with him.

Contented lioness

I was in a very calm and clear state of mind, without any negative emotions at all. My flow of thoughts had slowed down and thoughts were very focused. I was conscious of my substance, my values and my achievements. All three cups in my life had been empty, full and somewhere in between, one or two cups at a time.

Kingston Wall

At the moment I didn’t have much. I had no job and no love. I had a couple of very good friends and lots of character built in me. The strong foundation was cast. I felt that I was in balance. It has happened only few times in my life, and this was one of the times when I felt indisputable contentedness. Not for a long time though, but the feeling was there and it was GREAT!!!

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posted: 11 January 29
under: Lifestyle