The Year of the Rabbit – Part 4/6

Part 4. Welcome to the Wild East

“Sometimes your whole life boils down to one insane move.”

emergency exit

So, what would you do when you end up stranded, without a plan? I know, most of you would quickly sketch up a Plan B to get back on track. So did I, kind of….

Except that I wanted to experiment with my life. Which I did. For the first time ever, I ignored my brain and followed my heart and moved to Lithuania, following the promise of love. Suddenly I felt extremely relieved. I felt good. I felt alive. I was invincible.

Some people said I was crazy, completely nuts to give up everything, well-paying career and comfortable life – for a girl. And I almost started believing in that, but then I remembered something extremely important:

“I am only accountable to myself for the choices I make.”

And besides, I was invincible.

Neljä Ruusua – Sun täytyy mennä

In the beginning I was very much in love and very confident to find a job in my own field of expertise. After all, that is what I know best and it can be done via internet – thanks to the modern flat world. I had one very promising prospect, but it did not become reality. This failure was a big hit for my ego and pride.

Then I slacked, enjoyed my time doing my things, editing my photo book and meeting people. Since I had no financial pressure to find a job soon, I was just being passive about my business plans and job hunt. Second time living abroad I was a bit wiser, and this time I spoke more English to better connect with people and as a result I made good friends. I was learning Lithuanian only for fun, but quite intensively. I was looking for business opportunities only semi-actively. In a nutshell, I was enjoying my life, which was totally different than before. I was having fun. A lot of it.

The second cup was getting full at super-speed while the third one was slowly drying. I saw early on that we were having compatibility and communication issues with my gf but did not listen to my gut feeling and decided to give us time. Again, my gut feeling was warning me, and I was not listening. And my life remained in status quo – the little love that was left in the third cup; it dried up and died. I was once again without a plan – this time I was not invincible, I was lost and confused and not confident at all. I felt hurt. Disappointed. Vulnerable. Depressed.

Should I stay or should I go? I did not know what to do.

So I teamed up with my old friend, colleague and travelling companion, Renegado, and we bought ourselves train tickets heading east. We did not expect to find The Meaning of the Life, but we did expect that Siberia would teach us something. Our eager young minds were thirsty…

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posted: 11 January 22
under: Lifestyle