50 things about me

To celebrate both my birthday and 2000+ hits on my blog, I am revealing fifty totally random things about me. Enjoy peeping into my soul!

  1. I love tasty hamburgers. Read: not McD.
  2. I don’t like cooking, though I can cook simple food.
  3. I have never had a real, living pet.
  4. I am a true geek and sometimes a bit nerdy.
  5. I am trying to be a better person.
  6. Related to nr. 5, I read self-improvement books and blogs. Most of them are entertainment, but there are some gems that have real substance.
  7. I try to figure out unbelievably complex things – like women. Wish me luck!
  8. I like making lists. It should be obvious to you by now…
  9. My personality type is INTJ – Introverted iNtuitive Thinking Judging.
  10. I am pedantic about details, maybe it has got something to do with nr. 9 on this list. Or maybe it’s just me.
  11. I am little idealistic and perfectionist.
  12. I see a movie twice a week on average.
  13. I don’t watch television regularly, it rots my brain.
  14. I hate computers when they don’t work logically. Or at all. Why is there two download folders in Windows 7?? Makes no sense.
  15. I got my first computer, Amiga 500, when I was 11 years old.
  16. I used Red Hat Linux version 7.2 during my university years. Ah, those were the good’ ol days.
  17. My first job kept my too busy to play around, so I used Windows XP.
  18. Two years ago I converted into a Apple fanboy and bought a Macbook Pro. Because it looks good and is better for photography. I love it 🙂
  19. I have ridden a horse three times in my life. All this year. Total saddle time: 4 hours.
  20. I owned a motorbike for 6 years and have ridden from Nordkapp to Austria. Not in one sitting of course.
  21. Sometimes I get very passionate about new hobbies or interests – until I find the next one.
  22. I speak three languages fluently (Finnish, English, Norwegian) and can have simple conversation in two other languages (Swedish, German).
  23. I am learning three more languages (Lithuanian, Russian and Spanish). These are long time projects.
  24. I am now living in the second foreign country in my life.
  25. I moved abroad, because I wanted to challenge myself. Get out of my comfort zone. I succeeded in that 🙂
  26. I started to learn how to dance when I was 26 years old.
  27. I have been editing my first photobook for 9 months. The last 20% takes the longest.
  28. Having said that, I do believe in 80/20 rule. How ironic is that?
  29. I don’t shave everyday.
  30. I was sometimes so addicted to computer games that I am afraid to play them anymore.
  31. I am shy.
  32. I started this blog as a means to practice writing and opening up to people.
  33. I try to talk WITH people, not TO people.
  34. I like spicy food.
  35. I’m a sucker for aftershaves. Currently my collection is only five different brands.
  36. I am an atheist.
  37. I don’t like paper mail and am going paperless.
  38. I’ve been throw-up drunk only once in my life. It was my 20th birthday.
  39. I don’t like the concept of owning a car. Cost of insurance, services and everyday worry over it.
  40. I like driving  a car, though.
  41. I think of myself as a good driver.
  42. My joints make a loud cracking sound sometimes. Actually, I can make the sound whenever I want to.
  43. I have zero tattoos.
  44. I can name all the girls I’ve slept with.
  45. I gave up promising and well-paying career for the promise of love.
  46. I am very observant and have eye for details.
  47. I take photos of interesting graffitis.
  48. I love photography.
  49. I love the little things in life.
  50. I love my life!!!

posted: 10 October 26
under: Lifestyle