Vanilla Ice-coffee á la Elmoensio

Make sure you have these

  • 2/3 liters of vanilla ice-cream
  • Espresso pot and coffee beans
  • 1 espresso cup for measure
  • 2 mugs for serving the ice-coffee
  • 10 minutes of your time

First, prepare the espresso pot

  1. Fill the bottom chamber of the espresso pot with water up to the middle of the steam release valve.
  2. Put the funnel filter on top of the bottom chamber and fill it with medium ground coffee beans. Level and smooth the coffee with your finger. Do not tamp to fit more coffee in it!
  3. Screw on the top chamber and put on stove. Use low heat to ensure the good taste of the espresso. You don’t want it to taste like melted rubber gasket, do you?
Moka pot
Bialetti 3-cup moka pot is just the right size for making two portions of ice-coffee.

Second, serve the ice-cream into the mugs

Cut 1/3 liter of ice-cream..
into the cup
..and fit it in the mug.

Third, pour the espresso and mix

3-cup espresso pot makes 200ml of coffee
3-cup espresso pot makes 200 ml of coffee
100ml of espresso and 333ml of ice-cream
100 ml of espresso and 333 ml of ice-cream is a good ratio
Pour in the espresso
Pour in the espresso
Mix well with a spoon
Mix well with a spoon
Vanilla ice-coffee á la Elmoensio
Make a pretty serving for your SO and enjoy!

Word of warning!

Use only water and mild soap for washing the moka pot. Never put it into the dishwasher!


posted: 10 September 27
under: Recipes