Household maintenance on my computer

They say Mac OS X is better than Windows. They say it is clean, sleek, fast, non-bloated, easier to use etc. Maybe it is, maybe it is not. But most Mac applications are not clean, sleek, fast, non-bloated, etc. That’s why even Mac users need a little house cleaning every now and then. Here’s how and why.

So what bloats up my sleek Mac OS X?

  • Caches (For applications to run/start up faster)
  • Language files (Are you sure you need the Czech and Mandarin menus for ALL your applications)
  • Universal binaries (Some application comes with binaries for both Intel & PowerPC. Most probably you don’t need both of them)
  • Unused applications (Something you installed & tried and then forgot)
  • Duplicates of your media files (iTunes and other “smart” programs sometimes create duplicates of your files)

How to clean and speed up your Mac OS X?

TidyUpTidy Up! is a good for finding media file duplicates and flagging the ones you want to keep (or purge). You can search duplicates based on filename, last modified date, file location path, ID3 or EXIF tag information and filesize just to mention few. You will find your duplicates and if you are not careful with the search criteria you might find false duplicates as well. So be careful and delete through trashcan so that you have a way back if you delete false duplicates. And believe me, it will happen to you if/when you try to make too smart search criteria to save yourself from hard labour of double checking before deletion.


CleanMyMac is a good tool for cleaning caches, language packs and universal binaries. It is very easy and straightforward to use. You can see and doublecheck what is going to be deleted and remove the tick next to items you want to save. Also has functionality for smart uninstall of applications. In practice it checks what preference and library files are associated with the application and proposes to delete them as well.

A thorough 2016 review can be read on SoftwareHow article.

OmniDiskSweeper is a nice utility which shows you graphically which folders and files are the biggest on your hard drive. View is automatically sorted descending by size so locating the big and useless files is a snap. No need to waste time doing the same job in Finder or Terminal.

Happy cleaning!

posted: 10 September 17
under: Tech