Teachings of Siberia

  1. Before your trip people will tell you that it is dangerous, people are rude and the food is not edible in your destination. Don’t believe it!
  2. There are places in the world, where “broken English” is not understood.
  3. Phrasebook is worth its weight in gold in such places.
  4. Having conversations with the help of a phrasebook is extremely difficult, but rewarding
  5. Guidebook is also useful for independent travellers.
  6. During long transits your sense of time is disturbed. You eat when you are hungry, you sleep when you are tired.
  7. If you have nothing to do, your body will learn to be lazy.
  8. During full-day bus transits it is easier to tolerate hunger and thirst than the need to urinate or excrete.
  9. Taking the bus is cheaper than the train.  Train is cheaper than flying. Only the flexibility of an open schedule offers you the benefits of low-cost flights.
  10. Hostels are the meeting point for like-minded independent travellers. Hostel staff has valuable local knowledge.
  11. Excursions allow you to explore and enjoy while you are being taken care of in terms of transportation, meals and accommodation.
  12. Local knowledge is the best, most updated and cheapest when organising excursions and activities.
  13. If you don’t know what things should cost in local currency and what is the exchange rate to your own currency, things WILL cost you lot of money.
  14. Don’t eat pizzas and Big Macs, try the local food. There’s always something you will like.
  15. Broken car is not very unusual sight in less developed countries.
  16. Fixing the broken car right there and then is the best solution. Except in the western world where people have more money than knowledge and call the towing company.
  17. It can be cold in the desert during the night. Contrast to daytime temperatures can be 30 degrees or more.
  18. The miraculous healing effect of Lake Baikal’s cold water is true – at least for stiff neck and back.
  19. You can survive with only water, bread and noodles for days.
  20. Sore throat is surprisingly annoying when you can not eat for three days.
  21. You can tolerate hunger and feel relatively energetic even after three days if you consume enough liquids other than plain water.
  22. Doctors are professionals everywhere in the world. Don’t be afraid to consult them.
  23. It is possible to brush teeth with carbonated water. Actually it foams quite well.
  24. It is possible to use the toilet booth with a 50 liters backpack on your back.
  25. It is possible to shower in ice-cold water – in 10 second bursts.
  26. When you think you have learned enough, Siberia will teach you something more immediately.
  27. Ask for help and you will get it.
  28. The longer you travel, the cheaper it will be.
  29. A journey worthwhile includes a journey to ones mind.
  30. One fears the unknown.
  31. Enlightened travellers surrender to the unknown. Whatever happens, happens.
  32. I did not find enlightenment. Need. More. Practice.

road manPhoto by: sharif

posted: 10 August 28
under: Lifestyle