Arrogant Frog

Sophisticated sounding name, stylish label and considerable discount – how would you resist the temptation to try it? Without even seeing which country it comes from, I would have guessed right that it was French in origin – who else could be so refined in the name selection? After the first sip I conclude that it’s rather normal wine possessing the strength and intensity of the Shiraz grape and the oak barrels it was aged in. Definitely full-bodied and very fragrant – I can vaguely distinguish black currant and cinnamon notes – but a bit too strong for my fruity preferences. It strikes right away and the aftertaste is quite unnoticeable. Maybe it’s really arrogant after all, lacking gentlemanly subtlety. Should go perfectly with meat (frog legs, anyone? :)) which we don’t have at the moment. We enjoy it with marinated olives, blue cheese and sun-dried tomatoes instead.

Ah, by the way, be warned that it puts you to sleep quite effectively; one-third of the bottle resulted in 10 hours of sound sleep 🙂

Review by: lamur

Red wine. Very tasty

Review by: Elmoensio

posted: 10 July 2
under: Hedonism