One Sunday in Oslo – 16 random observations

After delayed, but pleasant late night flight to Oslo, I made it to the second last train for the day. Twenty minutes and 170kr later I arrive at the central railway station, Oslo S.

  1. 00:59 – Oslo S. I step outside the station to the fresh air with my small luggage and wait for my friend to meet me. Immediately a black man approaches me to ask if I want something, maybe food, drugs or girls. I have seen a total of 6 black people in Lithuania during the past months, now I am suddenly surrounded by them.
  2. 01:20 – Stop Pressen. We enter this club to dance to some Latin rhythms. My small luggage gets hidden under some chairs by the security guy with encouraging comments “I hope it will be there when you leave”. It was πŸ™‚
  3. 04:01 – Torggate. After the night food, a mighty kebab, my friend is still hungry and goes to 7-11 to buy a slice of pizza. Two lost Norwegian girls don’t want our help, because they despise Swedes and Finns.
  4. 11:59 – SalsaSite. My friend had signed up for bachata lessons for all day. I ask the price for one lesson only. Not possible, I’d need to pay for half or full day. I decide to wander off instead.
  5. 12:39 – Aker Brygge. I sit on a very comfy bench at Aker Brygge. Sun is shining and I am overheated. Big strawberry milkshake cools me down only temporarily. People are walking past and eating ice-cream. Cameras are hanging from their necks or by their sides.
  6. 13:40 – Aker Brygge. Norwegian-Asian couple with a young kid stop right in front of me. Asian girl, the wife, wondered aloud if the kid would like some ice-cream. Like a miracle, a whole 1.23 seconds later the husband has 200kr in his hand for the ice-cream.
  7. 14:12 – Aker Brygge. A Brazilian girl spreads her map on the street corner and looks helpless. I offer my local expertise and help her to Vigelandsparken.
  8. 14:52 – Vigelandsparken. I sit on a crowded concrete wall next to the fountain. My first neighbour wants me to start communicating with her. I don’t. Second neighbour sings along to her iPod. I don’t.
  9. 15:37 – Vigelandsparken. Local Capoeira master shows off his skills doing hand stand pirouettes of some kind, both slow motion and fast, very balanced all the time. WOW! What a superb body control he had. Team of approx. 12-year-old cheerleaders are making human pyramids. They are all blondes.
  10. 16:03 – Vigelandsparken. Next to the monolith, two very muscular and good-looking guys are hugging VERY intimately, yet not overly erotic. This isΒ  not male bonding, but love. Yes, I felt love between them.
  11. 16:50 – Vigelandsparken. A German couple asks for help in map reading. Strange, because they know where they are and where they need to go.
  12. 17:35 – Frogner. Pizzas in Norway are better tasting than in Lithuania. Service in restaurant felt much better than in Lithuania, although I always complained about the lack of service when I was living in Oslo. I wonder if I had changed in the past 7 months, or if Oslo had.
  13. 18:15 – T-bane. Ticket control. Luckily I had finally bought a ticket.
  14. 18:18 – Torggate. Reunion with my friend. We meet a small group of drunken Swedes and Norwegians and accompany them to a bar nearby. Korean woman recommends me Japanese whisky, so I give it a try. It is very tasty, though not my absolute favourite. And the price is accordingly – expensive, yet accessible for us working class heroes.
  15. 20:19 – Torggate. Vietnamese-Norwegian guy, who had not yet stepped out of the closet, confesses his feelings towards my friend.
  16. 20:20 – Youngs gate. We leave the already-too-drunk-to-sit-straight-and-not-to-spill-the-beer-on-anybody group and enter a Thai restaurant full of people, only to be turned away. Face control in eatery is mockery. πŸ™‚


Photo by: tbondolfi

Disclaimer: Subjects in the photos are for illustrative purposes only. Names, nationalities and races have been changed to protect the innocent.

posted: 10 June 21
under: Observation