Dead Man

After a recommendation, I saw Dead Man by the American “Cowrismacky“, Jim Jarmusch.

The plot tells the story of an accountant from Cleveland, William Blake, who has nothing but a promise of a better life in the wild west. However, things don’t work out very well for him in the town of Machine and he is soon an outlaw running for his life. He is travelling with Nobody and slowly he becomes “the poet” he is mistaken for. This William Blakes poems are written with blood and dead bodies along his way before his final journey to the other side…

This movie is very artsy with pretty visuals, soundtrack made by Mr. Neil Young himself and dialogue could be described as being Tarantino-like, but in Kaurismäki quantity. The storytelling was a bit slow and boring, hence the two stars. I believe there is some potential in this movie, only that one has to be in the correct mindset before seeing this. Before I am convinced enough to spend another two hours seeing this again, I will have a taste of some other works by Jim Jarmusch.

Dead Man, Jim Jarmusch, USA, 1995


“It is preferable not to travel with a dead man”

posted: 10 April 30
under: Movies