Red Italian wine, 100% Montepulciano d’Abruzzo grapes. Relatively
young (2008), middle-priced. At the first glance and sniff it is hard,
dark and strong-tempered. Same intensity transfers to the palate.
Bitterish wild cherry flavours with strong oak taste, hitting
aftertaste and firm tannins on the finish. Expect no fruity softness
or elegance. It is rather rough and smelling of tobacco, leather and
smoke – like a real macho 🙂

Enjoyable with roasted red meat (steaks and the like) and marinated
veggies. Taste of dark passion – not for everyone to handle 🙂

Review by lamur

Red wine. No feelings.

Review by: Elmoensio

posted: 10 April 18
under: Hedonism