A Letter From the Frontline

According to realiable sources, 79% of Lithuanians are Roman Catholic, 4% are Orthodox, 2% are some other religion, 5.35% unknown and a whole 9.5% is still pagan. In neighbouring Latvia, a whole 64% is unspecified i.e. possibly not religious.

In Finland and Norway, 15% and 8% of the population does not confess any religion at all.

In this light, Lithuanian pagan rate is surprisingly low remembering that Lithuania was the last European country to accept Christianity. My first hand experience tells that something is going on in the streets of Vilnius.

neon crossPhoto by: Hryck.

I have been approached by missionaries quite often lately. Once we had two women behind our door, wanting to discuss important biblical matters in Polish. Twice Four times I have spoken with two young American recruiters from Salt Lake City or nearabouts. Four or five times have I seen these two young Americans on the same Pamenkalnio street. They are nice people and I enjoy speaking with them, but only non-biblical matters. I don’t know why I get stopped by them so often, maybe I look more open and gullible than locals.

I once sat next to one recruiter on a transatlantic flight for 9 hrs. He was flying home from his two years of recruiting in Germany. It was an interesting talk until I got the same answer “But you have to believe!” to my sceptic question for the sixth time. I politely ended that conversation and became interested in the in-flight entertainment.

Something is changing in the religiopolitical atmosphere here. Amen.

Disclaimer: Opinions represented are my own and I reserve the right to change them at any given point of time.

posted: 10 April 15
under: Observation