The Easter Bunny always rings twice

Happy Easter everyone!

Easter is, as all national holidays, sensitive time for lonely people. As a Finn I know the sad suicide statistics; we are currently nr. two on that list, right after Lithuania, my current place of residence.

pranksterPhoto by: JCardinal18

Tonight, I got a call from Mindaugas. The call went like this:

Him: Labas (Hello)

Me: Labas (Hello)

Him: Čia Mindaugas! (It’s Mindaugas here)

Me: Who, do I know you?

Him: Ar tu kalbi lietuviškai? (Do you speak Lithuanian?)

Me: Ne. Angliškai, prašom? (No. Could you speak English, please?)

Him: What the f**k?

Me: Exactly, you stole my words, pal!

Him: What the f**k? What is your name?

Me: *hung up*

But he was persistent and called me again. This time I was clever and gave my phone to lamur who spoke with Mr. Mindaugas for a while in Lithuanian and we learned that we was just lonely and called a random number to have a chat. He was very curious to learn whom he had called (I guess the odds to randomly call non-native are quite small). The call was short and ended determinedly as lamur politely asked him not to call again. I hope his feelings were not hurt and the infamous suicide rates remain untouched.


Disclaimer: Subjects in the photos are for illustrative purposes only. Any resemblance to real persons or bunnies, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

posted: 10 April 4
under: Observation