No mercy for freeriders!

Today it finally happened.

I got caught in a trolleybus without a valid ticket.

I knew I was pushing my luck too far.

I should have realised this is not Oslo where ticket controls are avoidable with some smart planning.

I should have not done it.

I regret it.

swat-busPhoto by: OregonDOT

It happened two stops before the stop I was intending to get off. The trolleybus stopped at the stop and a team of ticket control officers raided the trolleybus. There were at least five or six of them. In only two and a half minutes they got in and out. I was violently taken from the trolleybus into a red-coloured minibus where I was put in a dark room filled with cigarette smoke, interrogated, asked to beg for mercy and to buy the ticket and pay the fine. I was let out several hundred Altairian dollars poorer, my spirit and self-esteem crushed like paper balls in a trashcan. Humbly, I observed that the nail that dared to stick out on April first, got hammered down.

Disclaimer: Subjects in the photos are for illustrative purposes only. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

For the naive: The story April Fool’s joke above is loosely based on true events.

posted: 10 April 1
under: Observation