Windows, Apples and uncertainties in life

Just happened to be that lamur has a problem with her beautiful red-coloured Dell laptop.


And as undersigned is Da Man in da house, she turned to me for consolation and/or technical assistance.

But I have recently converted to a pre-state Apple fanboy and have been using only Snow Leopard lately. Hence the lack of expertise in backing up a rival OS. In fact, I only started backing up myself after this before mentioned personal discovery of greener grass under the apple tree. Setting up back-up with Time Machine was so painless, it really works as advertised. Set it and forget it. You can boot your own desktop from it on any Apple computer. You can access your files anytime even without Time Machine as my backup is not containing cryptically named files and folders. (Though at the moment I am not using Time Machine, but something better.)


Windows Vista is another world. How would you backup your computer when the display is not working? I know, backups should’ve been done long before that, but… what to do, if you didn’t. So, a small research and I came up with what the Internet claimed to be the closest equivalent to Time Machine – Genie Timeline for Windows.

So, I downloaded Genie Timeline trial version, installed the software and let it backup “smart selection” just to find out that a lot of stuff is missing from the backup. Then let it backup “all files” and behold, it has copied system files and some additional files. Together with “smart selection” it looks like almost all files are backed up, but how can we be sure. We can not.

The screen problem is not always present, so I installed new graphic drivers downloaded from

No help. Sometimes problem, sometimes not.

When no problem, I managed to verify that the Genie Timeline backup should contain the most. As an extra catastrophe prevention act, I duly copied the most important documents and photos again to an extra hard disk, before re-installing Vista. To confirm my fear that the driver is not the cause of the screen problem. Hardware problem. Thank you for still being under warranty. This Dell goes to see the caring hands of a service technician. I just hope that the Lithuanian Dell service is better than other users have experienced.

To be continued…

posted: 10 March 27
under: Tech