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this is my first blog entry with MacSpeech Dictate.
It is amazing what the modern technology can do, believe it or not, I am not touching my keyboard while giving a speech. What ever you read up on the screen, each what it software have recognized from my spoken English text password. Now that I am reading it, it looks very funny, also “,” needs to be said aloud. Inpex, what I thought its impact laughing. Although, it won’t bother some to set up a Bluetooth headset, but now that it works I am happy. Next try if I move away from the computer, if there’d been a by it. I hear crackling and some notes but the hating seems to work fine. The problem is speech recognition and English accent.
This is a film I feel over and out.

Inspired by a movie (I don’t remember which one), I wanted to try speech recognition software. Installing the software was painless and after a short struggle to set up my Bluetooth-headset (thank you, internet, for valuable resources) to act as a microphone, I was ready for a small test in my laboratory. Speech recognition seems to work out pretty well, although some words are not recognised correctly. Supposedly the recognition will become better after using as the software builds a database and “learns” better how I speak. The quote above is unedited raw text from my test. I let the you judge by yourselves how “the hating works”. I would love to see similar test done by a native English speaker.

This is Elmoensio, over and out.

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posted: 10 March 23
under: Tech