The game is never over

The other day, I was taking myself to my daily downtown activities with a trolleybus. In this city, trolleybuses are a world of their own – full of incidents and people. I wish I only could understand better what is being said. Nevertheless, rides on a trolleybus are a good opportunity to train my comprehension of the body language. Usually, the body language conveys a big portion of the whole story. Details aside, this following story I fully understood.

It was half an hour before noon and the trolleybus was half full, which in this context means that there was only a handful of empty seats and some people were already standing. I was standing close to the middle door, leaning to the window opposite the door and holding on a handrail, lost in my thoughts, as usually in such situations.

Then a drunken, alcohol smelling, self-contented and smiling dedushka entered the trolleybus. He was a decent, normally dressed elderly gentleman, not a bum. He was offered a seat by a babushka, who was occupying a seat and a half of two adjacent seats, while joyfully chatting away with her fellow babushka about… whatever babushkas usually chat about. As you might have guessed already, the main character in this story, the drunken dedushka, tries to join the babushka-talk. Which in turn led to both babushkas suddenly becoming very silent. They were just smiling their widest smile with their crooked teeth and a single golden tooth shining through.

babushkaPhoto by: txd

The dedushka then continued talking to the babushka next to him in a way that boys usually talk to girls and men talk to women. I am sure you got the point. Well, soon the babushka made a move and sat next to her babushka-friend, opposite to this ehem…elderly gentleman, who was not letting himself be put down by minor hints of rejection. Quite the opposite, in fact. Now he was talking in a different tone of voice, occasionally touching the babushkas hand.

None of this was obviously working as both of the babushkas were just smiling and occasionally whispering to each others ears a word or two. Maybe not the whole trolleybusful of people were following this soap opera, but surely the nearest co-passengers were, including me. Story ends short as the babushkas left the trolleybus in their pursuit of… whatever babushkas pursue during their golden years, leaving the dedushka behind, debriefing and analysing the incident to learn from it. Just like players do. I do not know what happened to the dedushka next as I got off the trolleybus at the next stop.


smiling-manPhoto by: Sukanto Debnath

Disclaimer: Subjects in the photos are for illustrative purposes only. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

posted: 10 March 17
under: Observation