The Kings of Salsa

kings of salsa

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Now I have seen them, The Kings of Salsa. What a spectacular show!

Irresistable hot Latin rhythms and sexy trained bodies dancing to a great variety of music. The 9-man-band Cuba Ashire played salsa, cha-cha, slow romantic bolero, mambo, rumba and some more salsa. All very skillfully mixed together with a hint of pop, jazz and even classical music. Add beautiful, technical and humorous choreography by Roclan Gonzalez Chavez who had composed a show consisting of riverdance inspired stepping with flip-flops, Afro-Caribbean drum performance, solo dance, couple dancing, some wild acrobatic stunts and as a cherry on top – lots of rhythmic playing. The lead singer, Yenisel Perez Martinez, has a very beautiful voice and she is one classy lady on the stage.

Man, these people can dance!

Man, these people can play!

I have seen some good concerts in my life, including Los Van Van and LA 33. And The Kings of Salsa goes straight into the top three list of my most memorable Latin music experiences. For a Latin dance freak like undersigned, The Kings of Salsa is a must. If you happen to be in Portugal or Italy later this year, you know what to do.

Venue acoustics was really impressive, the music was loud and clear as opposed to way-too-loud-and-deafening as it sometimes can be in clubs and concerts. Two microphones died during the show and the musicians improvised really well to overcome it. Probably not many people did even notice. In the group dance scenes the dancers were not always in 100% sync, but in a show like this… who cares??

posted: 10 March 15
under: Hedonism