Google Sites vs. WordPress

As my personal friends and acquaintances know and random readers will learn, I jumped the ship in December last year and abandoned my promising career for the search of happiness. A part of this happiness is being my own boss. Being your own boss is more challenging and demanding than being an employee in a mighty corporation. After this way-too-long introduction let’s get to the point. (Finally, some of you are thinking…)

My boss wants me to fix a website for the one-man-band

And e-mail services. As a long time user of Gmail, I naturally turned to the almighty Google in the search of solutions. And behold – my saviour was Google Apps. E-mail services from Google for my own domain was set up in no time. In fact, all this took about ten dollars and two hours of my time and I had it all set-up and configured. Ok, first part of the problem solved.

The second part, the web site, is still under progress, but converging to a solution (as we techies sometimes say). Google offers site hosting for free, they have a simple site builder and some templates/themes. So, behind the scenes I sketched up a simple web site, which turned out to be exactly that – simple. But I wanted simple and good-looking website. At this point I learned the old truth:

If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys

apes conspiracyPhoto by:

So, I quintupled my initial investment, abandoned Google Sites and signed up for a web hosting elsewhere. I have managed to set up a simple and better looking website using WordPress CMS (stand-alone version of the same engine of this very blog). My e-mail is still with Google, meaning that my initial 2 hours investment was not wasted. And I am now working my way towards my initial goal: simple and good-looking website. I am still on my two-week trial and things are looking promising for the host-candidate.

Oh the joy of webmastering in a modern world. I remember coding static html-pages with a text editor during my university years. And later webmastering a website related to my hobby. That non-free site builder and CMS was so slow, error-prone and hideous. If I had only known then what I do know now…

Disclaimer: Monkeys in the photo are for illustrative purposes only. Any resemblance to real persons monkeys, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

posted: 10 March 11
under: Tech