Aggressive traffic behaviour

Audi S8Photo by: JLaw45

I thought it might be interesting to write about funny/strange observations in my surroundings.

The first strange event happened right in front of me. We were exiting a parking lot and were waiting to turn right and join the traffic. The traffic light had just turned red, so people were stopping in front of us. For some reason a Honda driver had managed to upset a very muscular Audi S8-driver with a crew cut hair. The Audi-man then opened his door, got out of the car and determinedly walked to the side of the Honda. Then he opened the door and yelled at the Honda-man who was just staring in front of him, totally avoiding eye contact with the angry Audi-man and not saying a thing. Soon the traffic lights turned green and the Audi-man turned around and returned to his car and the incident ended without violence. Audi-man had the text “RUSSIA” on the backside of his fancy beige leather bomber jacket. I wonder what his profession is/was…

Brrr… I get chills whenever I remember a muscular guy yelling at me in Russian, but that was in controlled environment during a psychodrama-experience. This event was real.

Disclaimer: People and subjects in the photo are for illustrative purposes only.

posted: 10 March 9
under: Observation