Blade Runner, The Final Cut

When I first saw this movie as a kid, I though it was the most boring movie ever. Now my second viewing was in the mature age of 30+ and I have to change my opinion. Blade Runner is a beautiful series of moving pictures, story questions the humanity and is set in the darkest, ugliest city with massive pyramid-like buildings of giant corporations, namely Los Angeles of 2019, where all races of humans and sometimes human-like working robots, replicants, mix. When replicants are loose, a detective, blade runner, is ordered to chase them in order to put them into early retirement, if you know what I mean.

Some people think this is the greatest movie of all time, with perfect audiovisual environment, psychosocial questioning and a lovestory. I would have very much wanted to give this a full five stars, but I feel that the visual effects were more important to the director Ridley Scott, than the story itself. As I can not give four and a half; four it is. Compliments for the beautiful film noir world he has created.

Blade Runner, Ridley Scott, USA, 1982


“More human than human”

posted: 10 March 7
under: Movies