Spicy sandwiches

spicesSpice up your life and try my sandwich recipe.

I recommend the following spices:

Mustard: Jovaigė aštrios garstyčios, Lithuanian HOT mustard

Chili: Blue Dragon, Minced hot chili, Chinese, (84% chili)

Garlic paste: Quinta’s, Portuguese chili+garlic+lemon paste

Wasabi: S&B, Japanese Wasabi (4.5%) and horseradish (31.7%) paste

And for the sandwich itself, you need (from bottom to top):

  • A slice of white bread
  • Butter
  • First layer of spices (mustard+chili)
  • Salami
  • Slice of cheese
  • Second layer of spices (garlic+Wasabi)

Word of warning:

If you are inexperienced with capsaicin, sinigrin or other high explosives, please DO try the spices to figure out the dosing according to YOUR taste and tolerance!!

For easier, but still tasty version you can leave out the Wasabi and Blue Dragon.

posted: 10 March 6
under: Recipes