This piece of art is a bit older, from 1966. It is also reportedly the first British film to show full frontal female nudity. Surprisingly, that is not the reason I saw this film.

Basically, the story is about a hot-shot photographer who drives around London in the swinging sixties, buys useless things and hangs out with people. Most of them attractive females, who want to be photographed by him and/or to have sex with him. He accidentally photographed a dead body when snapping away dozens of photos of a lady and her lover in a park. He is then determined to find out who the killer is – maybe the husband of the lady. Or maybe he imagined the whole thing after enjoying too much sex, drugs and rock’n roll.

This slow tempo movie is playing with the perception of the reality. If you lose your good night’s sleep when the movie ends and the jigsaw is lacking the one last piece, then skip this. However, serious filmfreaks and artist-photographer-types ought to see this.

Unfortunately carrying a camera on your neck is not an instant turn-on in a modern world. But speaking of the movie; three stars.

Blow-up, Michelangelo Antonioni, UK, 1966


“Nothing like a little disaster for sorting things out.”

posted: 10 February 27
under: Movies