I got a recommendation from lamur to see Takeshi Kitano’s movie “Dolls”.

I have to admit that at first it looked as this would be a real masterpiece in terms of interesting plot and visual beauty. Well, the latter promise was kept, but OMG the movie was so b-ooooring. I have to admit that the aesthetics were detailed, yet in harmony, and all little details had deeper meanings. Honestly, I usually manage to see something good in all kinds of movies, but this one was too much for me with it’s three neverending lovestories.

First, some crazy guy left his rich fiancee, tied his ex-gf into him with a piece of red rope and off they go begging and wandering around. Secondly, another guy leaves a woman during saturday lunch in a park in the search of his dreams. Fifty years later they meet on the same bench where this woman had come every Saturday during the past years. To top the tragedy, third lovestory is about a popstar who loses her good looks in an accident and is only able to date some blind fan.

I don’t dislike artistic or foreign movies, so I guess this is one of the movies you either love or hate. I don’t love it.

Dolls, Takeshi Kitano, Japan, 2002


posted: 10 February 23
under: Movies