Confessions of a photoholic

12 Nov

Hello everyone, my name is Elmo Ensio and I am a photoholic. Continue reading 

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Indonesia Impressions

26 Aug

Did you know that if you add ‘ones’ to India, you get Indonesia? In this post I am telling you about my almost month-long trip to Indonesia. Warning, this post is looooong. Better reserve a month to read it.

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World Press Photo 2013

27 Jul

War. Misery. Beams of sunlight shining to dark apartment through bullet holes in the wall. Man with an assault rifle by the window. Guns. Badly injured bodies on hospital beds. Faces crying in agony and mourning. Gang wars. Tattooed gangsters. Brazilian favelas. School under the bridge in a slum in India. Roadside prostitution in Italy. Modern day misery of Sioux tribe of American Indians. Derelict neighbourhoods in USA. Blood stains and dead bodies. Junkies. Elderly couple fighting with Alzheimer. Chinese children left to their grandparents. Naturally deformed black African faces. Football match in African dust. Miserable zoo animals kept in captivity in China. Women and children deformed by acid thrown by the husband and father on their faces.

This is the best of photojournalism in 2013. Continue reading 

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