Transferwise vs bank transfer vs ATM withdrawal vs Bitcoin

As I recently moved to Australia I needed to transfer my savings from Norway here.  In the modern times, year 2016, there are some alternatives to the conventional services offered by the international banksters. Two of them would be Transferwise and Bitcoin. Without further talk, say hello to my little experiment… Read more »

In year 2015 I have been on the planet for 2015 weeks.

A blog facelift to celebrate my 2015 weeks on planet earth in the year 2015. As I plan to live to be 90 years old, I have a whopping 2665 weeks left to fulfill more of my dreams and learn many new things. Lovely! Read more »

Elementary OS Freya multimedia and battery life

In an attempt to see if this pretty Linux distribution is worth its fame. Last time I had intensive Linux use was in 2003 with Red Hat Linux 9 and since that I was using Windows little bit and since 2009 OS X exclusively; from Snow Leopard to Mavericks. This post is documenting my trials if Freya can do my daily simple tasks. I don’t care about desktop customisation, repositories, and other nerdy stuff. I just want an OS that works and gives user the freedom. Read more »

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