Suunto Ambit 2 screen modes

17 Aug

To support my newly found interest in running, I bought myself a heart rate monitor with GPS tracking. In this post I will show my custom screen settings for your benefit – and mine. Continue reading 

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My life – version 3.5

27 Apr

I have revised my life plans so many times that it would’ve been too much of a cliche to use Life 2.0 as title for this blog post as I originally intended. I should’ve gone out to meet my friends on this sunny Sunday afternoon, but I am in flu and this feverish delirium seems to be good fuel for inspiring thoughts, thus I spent some hours brainstorming my life plan and goals. I do it regularly as I can see from my previous notes, dated 2012. It was about time to collect my scattered thoughts.

Today I didn’t achieve much, but decided to use the blog as it was intended to be used in the first place – to become more open and public with my ideas. Admittedly, perfectionism has been holding me back. I have numerous posts in draft status but just can not get them up to the standard I have been holding. So time to lower the standards and put out something and later (maybe) collect and compose those random posts into more well thought of “how to” kind of posts that I have been writing until now.

I have come a long way since those times but my goal is still the same, to become a better person. Continue reading 

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Confessions of a photoholic

12 Nov

Hello everyone, my name is Elmo Ensio and I am a photoholic. Continue reading 

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