Chessmaster 2016

Last December I started learning chess. I always knew how the pieces move but never had any more serious knowledge and tactics. So I signed up on, got my beginners rating of 800 in online correspondence games. As the rating for new players is very volatile, it spiked up to 1100 after few lucky wins and fell down to 730 soon after when the reality hit me. From there I’ve been working my way up and now, three months and 73 finished games later, my rating stands at 1000, which I believe is not far from the truth.

In addition to playing games, I did read the beginners material about forks, pins, skewers etc. on chesstactics and do the 5 tactics trainers that free account allows in addition to 15mins chess puzzle training on lichess where even a free account can do unlimited training.

I am also reading three very good chess books from Jeremy Silman to further gain knowledge of tactics and strategy.

Feel free to challenge me for a game on!

Transferwise vs bank transfer vs ATM withdrawal vs Bitcoin

As I recently moved to Australia I needed to transfer my savings from Norway here.  In the modern times, year 2016, there are some alternatives to the conventional services offered by the international banksters. Two of them would be Transferwise and Bitcoin. Without further talk, say hello to my little experiment… Read more »

In year 2015 I have been on the planet for 2015 weeks.

A blog facelift to celebrate my 2015 weeks on planet earth in the year 2015. As I plan to live to be 90 years old, I have a whopping 2665 weeks left to fulfill more of my dreams and learn many new things. Lovely! Read more »

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